Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Flying with Your Pets (Domestically or Internationally)

Have you thought about taking your pet on a flight but aren't sure what is involved in such an operation? You may be surprised at how easy it is. With a little planning and careful attention to the regulations regarding pet travel on domestic and international flights, you may be able to travel quickly and safely with your pet.

Here are some tips for ensuring that you and your dog or cat have the easiest and most comfortable flight possible:
  •  Your pet can only travel in an airplane when he or she is in a carrier issued by the IATA (International Air Transport Association). The cost of the carrier depends on its size. If your pet is flying as cargo, it is always recommended to choose a carrier that is double the size of your pet, allowing plenty of room for movement. If your dog or cat is flying with you in the passenger section of the plane, you will want a carrier that fits easily under your seat. 
  •  Make sure to reserve your pet travel well in advance.
  • For domestic flights, there are two pet friendly airlines: American Airlines and Delta. Both allow pets as carry-on as well as in cargo. If possible, always opt for carry-on.
  • Before leaving home, make sure you have a health certificate, issued by a licensed veterinarian, which certifies that your pet is physically fit and it is not suffering from any kind of ailment. This document must be on hand and ready to present to airline authorities if necessary.
  • When taking an international flight, make sure to get acquainted with the quarantine policies, as they vary from destination to destination. You can find them at www.travel.gov.
  • Avoid flights that stop to make connections. Always try to book a direct flight.
  • Make sure to let the flight attendants know that you are carrying a pet with you. This might help your pet to get some extra care. It might also help in case of an emergency.
  • Feed your pet at least 2 to 3 hours before the flight, and carry food and water with you if your pet is traveling in the passenger section with you.
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If you follow these steps, chances are you will have a smooth and peaceful flight with your pet. Happy Travels!


  1. Hey Mike,
    Good post, do you have any ideas on the charges per pet per destination? Do the prices vary like normal passengers or are they set? Great to see airlines moving more in the pet friendly direction in the US, we are way behind in the UK.
    Chris @ Pet Friendly Cottage

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  3. Chris, I need to do research on this and will let you know.

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  5. Thanks for all the advice. Just as my dog gets used to driving we decide to take it on a plane. The next step is finding pet friendly hotels in Ottawa. Any recommendations?