Friday, April 29, 2011

Pet travel tips - how to plan a pet friendly vacation

Worried about leaving back your four legged or two-legged furry family member at home, while going out for a relaxing tour..?? It is indeed a matter which would be a source of discomfort if you are unaware of the proper techniques to tackle with it. You may always hire someone to take care of your pet, however even that wouldn't ease you. If you are in a deep love with your pet, then it is quite easy to assume that you wouldn't like to leave it under someone else’s supervision.In that case, you are just left with a single option and that is to carry your four-legged family member along with you.Though you have no other options left, but i would say that this option is the best among the rest. As you get crippled by following the same old routine day after day and opt for a break, so does your pet.A short tour can turn out to be a rejuvenating period for both of you.However taking pet along, requires certain things to be kept into account.These things will assist you to chalk out a pet friendly vacation meticulously.

Vacations are a good opportunity to solidify the bond which entangles your pet and you. However it would require you to walk with your dog or cat and converse with your talkative parrot, in other words it would require you to spend some time with your furry companion.First and the foremost thing you should do before taking up a long trip, is to instill the factors associated with travel in your pet.Make him habituated with travelling by taking up short trips. This step of yours would reduce the chances of problems prompting up,by a huge extent.Next,down the list of planning, comes setting your vacation destination.The most important thing ,to be considered in this category, is to find a pet-pally residence where you and your pet will be sojourning during the vacation. Every hotel doesn’t allow pets, so take care of this while making your booking.You will get galore of informations on these kind of residentials over the internet cloud.Do take a serious note of the conditions, rules and regulations of the hotel ,you plan to book for your vacation with your pet.It would also be an appreciative move if you do a research on the local environment of your vacation destination.You can find out informations on the local flora and fauna and see if they are harmful to your pet in anyway.The next vital thing, you must assure before hitting the road or , is that whether or not your pet is physicaly sound. You must take your pet to its veterinarian for a thorough check up and it would also be wise if you inform him about the trip.The veterinarian may provide you with some recommendations, do take a serious note of those. Many a times, cases have occured where pets have been misplaced owing to the carelessness of their owners. Inorder to minimise the risk of such situations cropping up, which can make your furry pal and you fall apart from each other, you can have an id tag hung on your pet’s neck. It must contain your pet’s name, your name, your residential address and your contact number. Dont leave home without it.

Now let us take an elaborate look on the things you must pack, before leaving home for a vacation with your pet. Here is the list of the things you are supposed to have to ensure a peaceful and joyous tour with your pet. A container of water for the flight or road trip,pet food (don’t change your pet’s diet) and an accompanying can opener,food and water bowl,a sturdy leash,flea medicine and other prescribed medications,health certificate,carpet cleaner (for those “bad dog” moments),your pet’s favorite toys,bedding and extra sheets/towels,portable carrier (if possible),pooper scooper (or cat litter box with litter, liners, and a scoop),grooming brush,contact information of your at-home vet clinic and a few local vet clinics,photos of your pet in case he or she gets lost and your dog's favorite outfit.Next down the list of priorities, you have to decide your mode of transport. If you plan to travel in a flight, do go through the pet-travel policies sincerely, otherwise you may find yourself in trouble. The pet travel rules and regulations depends on the respective airline companies. In case any of those rules are violated, you may be penalised. Therfore to prevent these nasty situations from hampering your pleasant trip, you must get well acquainted with the rules and regulations. For road trips, it should have some extra stops and certain things should be easily accessible(like a leash, water, food, and toys). If you emulate these steps, you can be assured of having a joyous vacation with your furry companion.

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